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Select Sprinklers has been a leader in residential and commercial irrigation services for over a decade. We pride ourselves in consistently providing premium irrigation services using high-quality products.
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Irrigation Installations


There is no better way to improve and maintain the landscape aesthetic of your home than implementing an automatic sprinkler system. When done properly and efficiently, an irrigation system can save you money in the long term, while giving you the ability to travel and worry less about the effort surrounding the maintenance of your lawn and garden. Automatic sprinkler timers are completely hands off and easy to program, and a full walk through is included!

Starting with a free site visit and estimate, we will assess your property and provide you with a quote that meets your needs. Whether you want just your garden, your lawn, or both, Select Sprinklers will come up with the most effective irrigation design for you.


Select Sprinklers service and install lawns and irrigation systems at large scale buildings and work successfully with top-tier landscape construction and design companies. We are able to work seamlessly with landscape companies to achieve maximum coverage based on detailed landscape drawings and plans.


We understand what it takes to effectively schedule, perform, and work on busy and large-scale sites making life easier for contractors, builders, and landscaping companies. Before acquiring a large-scale commercial project, detailed irrigation designs using Vectorworks software are provided to meet the client’s needs and generate an accurate estimate of work. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain constant and effective communication throughout the entire building process to achieve the best possible result.

Working closely with companies like Bearmark Design and Houston Landscaping, Select Sprinklers has completed many products that we were proud to be a part of. A project that stands out is the EA sports facility project completed with Bearmark Design.

EA Sports Rooftop Balcony Irrigation

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Maintenance and Repair

We have been serving residential and commercial customers in the lower mainland for over a decade, and our goal has never changed, friendly service, and quality results. Located in Port Coquitlam, we pride ourselves in our fast response time from Abbotsford to West Vancouver. Whatever irrigation fix it may be, we have you covered. If you need a repair, coverage improvement, or looking for an irrigation system revamp, give us a call.


Yearly maintenance and service is important to the longevity of your sprinkler system. This includes all of the following services offered by Select Sprinklers.

Spring Start-up

Spring Start-ups consist of a site visit to turn your system back on after winter. This includes a check of your entire system for breaks, head and nozzle checks, timer settings adjusted for local restrictions, as well as providing you with any recommended upgrades.

Summer Check-up

Summer Checkups allow us to assess each area of your lawn to check for the right levels of watering. It is during the summer months that you begin to notice any major flaws in your watering coverage. Select Sprinklers can come by and make the necessary adjustments.


Winterization safely shuts down a sprinkler system by blowing compressed air through the entire system to prevent freezing throughout the winter. This is the most important step to ensure the longevity of your irrigation system.

System Repairs and Upgrades

In addition to installing systems, we also maintain and improve existing systems. We are equipped to take care of any upgrades and repairs that you may request. This can be anything from broken irrigation parts to adding a new zone or an up to date irrigation timer. There are plenty of useful new technology upgrades that can improve your irrigation system.

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Backflow Testing

What is backflow?

When installing an irrigation system, a backflow preventer is used to eliminate the risk of backflow. Backflow is the flow of water from your irrigation system back into a house or buildings plumbing system. Backflow can be harmful if any outside contaminants pooled around sprinkler heads work its way back into your clean house or buildings water. Because Select Sprinklers use a backflow preventer during installation, you won’t have to worry!

Backflow Prevention Test

At Select Sprinklers we have fully licenced professionals on staff that are qualified to test your backflow! Depending on your location and municipality, there are different requirements for your backflow test. In certain areas extra fees may be required for your home or buildings irrigation backflow test. Select Sprinklers will cover the paperwork and specific testing and repair procedures required by your municipality.

If you are still curious if extra fees apply for your sprinkler system, take a look at the list of municipalities that require additional charges below:

  • Vancouver
  • Richmond
  • Delta
  • Surrey
  • Port Moody
  • New Westminster
  • White Rock

Have any questions on back flow services or need your backflow tested?

Backflow Tester

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