landscape lighting

Improve the look and feel of your property with
energy-efficient, automated lighting.
Outdoor landscape lighting is essential to a beautiful outdoor space. Whether its path lights, spot lights, strip lighting, flood lighting and more we offer premium services to do any landscape lighting project.

Landscape lighting not only improves the esthetic of your property but provides safety from thieves and vandalism. Our low voltage LED landscape lighting will illuminate trees, plants, and features creating a beautiful and modern display. The lights we use are not low-end solar lights, but top-quality lighting fixtures installed and powered from your house through a lighting transformer. No need to turn them on or off either. With automatic timers set for your specific time zone, your lighting will be 100% hands off.

Spot Lights

Spot lighting is a great way to light up your home and certain features in your landscaping. Whether this is bringing light to a hedge, tree, or water feature, spot lighting is an important piece in your landscape lighting set-up.

Path Lights

Path lights can be a great addition to any entrance or poorly lit walkway at your house. There are plenty of different styles to match the design of your home. Adding path lights to your landscape lighting design can be a great touch.

Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting can be used as a technique to add a modern feel to multiple landscaping features. Strip lighting looks the best mounted under benches, concrete steps, or fences.

Other Options
  • flood lights
  • in-ground lights
  • accent lights
  • hardscape/undermount lights

Want to brighten up your property?

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