As of May 15, 2017 watering restrictions began and Stage 1 is currently in effect across Metro Vancouver. The watering restrictions relate to the use of treated drinking water and do not affect the use of rain water, gray water, or recycled water.

Fines can result if you use water on your lawn or other areas outside of the permitted days and times, unless you have an exemption permit. It is important that you meet the required guidelines for your municipality, so the restriction does not escalate to the higher stages during the dry summer months. A professionally installed landscape irrigation system gives you the no hassle, no fuss solution to your watering needs.

What does a Stage 1 Watering Restriction mean?

Lawn watering restrictions are split into two main parts – residential lawn watering and non-residential lawn watering. There is also a third section that deals with other water use regulations, which is split into areas such as Gardens/Shrubs/Trees, Car and Boat Washing, and also Surface and Power Washing. Stage 1 of the Watering Restrictions is the first (and least strict) of the 4 Stages. You can find more information on each of the stages here. Not adhering to the guidelines could mean a fine of $250 in the Metro Vancouver area. We can all work together to ensure there is enough treated drinking water for everyone during the dry summer months, so be water smart!

How can a professionally installed irrigation system help?

According to the City of Vancouver‘s website on watering regulations, Stage 1 of the Watering Restrictions allows the sprinkling of existing lawns as well as new, unestablished lawns, within certain restrictions. Having a professionally installed irrigation system not only allows you to stay within the requirements, but it also helps you use water more efficiently which also translates into cost savings for you. Landscape irrigation timers can be easily programmed to water within the stated dates and times, which helps you adhere to the restrictions while also saving you time.

Watering of flowers, garden beds, trees and shrubs is allowed in a Stage 1 Watering Restriction however only with hand watering or drip irrigation. Rather than standing in the summer heat and watering your gardening areas and planters by hand, we can install a garden irrigation system on your property utilizing the drip irrigation to not only save you water, but also to free up your time that might otherwise be spent watering by hand.

How do I get a watering exemption permit?

There are two ways the City of Vancouver permits water exemptions: You can get one if you have a new lawn or if you are using nematodes to treat your lawn for the European Chafer Beetle. At Select Sprinklers we can help you in both areas, as we offer effective European Chafer Beetle solutions and also provide expertise and knowledge for all of your lawn care and maintenance needs. To apply for a watering exemption permit, you can visit the City of Vancouver website, or visit your local municipality website for more information.

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